Recent Tweets

Use Recent Tweets with your Twitter account

Recent Tweets is realized as Plugin, so it can be deactivated, if you do not have a Twitter Account. Tweets can be shown as a shortcode in your pages, in any Sidebar or Footerbar with the Tweets Widget and it can be activated for your site with the Tweet bar on top of the Footerbar.

You can select the number of Tweets to show and switch on and off the Tweet date.


  • Use Recent Tweets Plugin to show Tweets from your Twitter Account
  • Use the Recent Tweets shortcode to show Tweets in your pages
  • Use the Recent Tweets Widget to show Tweets in Sidebars or Footerbar
  • Activate Tweets bar to show tweets on every page above the Footerbar
  • Switch on and off the Tweet date
  • Select the number of Tweets to show

Recent Tweets Shortcode